Dangerous weight loss

When is the cost for weight loss too high? A brief dive into Ozempic/Wegovy

Miriam D. Hughes, CNM, WHNP-BC

10/30/20233 min read

woman in gray crew neck shirt holding clear glass bottle
woman in gray crew neck shirt holding clear glass bottle

Okay….so you’re watching Tik Tok and you see a fabulous video about someone who has lost a bunch of weight….they sound excited and energetic and you want THAT! You want to feel like THAT! They tell you that they used Ozempic also known as Wegovy……and you say YES!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Can we just pump the brakes for one quick second?!?! NO ONE seems to be talking about the high price of these drugs – called GLP-1 receptor agonists. I’m not just talking about the ticket price of hundreds of dollars, sometimes as high as $1,000 per month. I’m talking about the PHYSICAL COST! PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING! Literally torturing themselves in the name of weight loss.

The manufacturer themselves admits, in their studies, that this drug is associated with pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, severe hypoglycemia, acute kidney injury, hypersensitivity reactions - including anaphylactic reactions and angioedema. Not to mention, suicidal behavior and ideation. Most common though is gastroparesis.

Gastroparesis is usually a medical condition which people seek medical care for, but with this type of medication we literally cause the condition. Gastroparesis causes nausea, vomiting, deficiency in nutrient absorption and even complete paralysis of the gut! If that isn’t a high enough price lets add pancreatic cancer, thyroid cell tumors, kidney disease. When is the cost too high?

You can’t have years, decades even, of weight concerns and expect it to change over-night. Unfortunately, that is what people are looking for and what they’re being sold. These quick fixes A) don’t last and B) don’t change the reason that a person is in the situation in the first place. Each person’s struggle is very individual. There are hormonal reasons. There are insulin resistance reasons. There are the addiction issues. There can be an unhealthy gut microbiome or environment. It could be a mitochondrial issue, literally at the cellular level. And it is hardly every just ONE reason, but so many practitioners and people treat it as though it’s just about the weight.

Look I get that people need help. We are literally killing ourselves as a nation via our mouths, but there IS A BETTER WAY! A healthier way! A less ‘suicidal’ way.

Yes – it involves exercise. Yes – it involves changing your eating habits. No – it is not a “quick fix”, but you can FEEL better quickly. You can have more energy. You can reignite your excitement about your life. You can address the underlying issues. You can actually rebalance what is contributing to your weight.

Those weight loss stories, with these drugs, pretty much 9 times out of 10 they are temporary! And it comes back worse; quite often with a damaged body. We see these 30 second glimpses on social media and we somehow think that, THAT glimpse is someone’s whole life.

Your body is your vessel. It’s the only one we get. Let’s treat it that way! Give it what it needs to carry you through this journey!

I put up a FREE guide to some lifestyle changes that you can use. This guide is not a temporary fix, these are long-term changes that can help you pay attention and incorporate new tools in your life to help your body thrive!! And, you’ll likely lose some weight in the process. Though your gut health, your thyroid health, your overall stress levels impact everything – these lifestyle changes are a great place to start.

Head on over to the resources section of this website, NaturalHealthnp.com, and you’ll find the Lifestyle Guide that you can download and utilize. There are even some weekly meal plans that you can try. Hope to see you over there.

Just remember, you are not broken!