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The "gut" is the epicenter of our health; the center of our being. It helps coordinate our overall health status both physical and mental. It absorbs nutrients, expels waste, sends and receives signals for hormone balance, neurotransmitter balance, immune function and much more! (see my blog for an easy 3 part read on gut health)

The right balance of healthy food, sleep, microorganisms, stress management, exercise, etc. can keep our gut functioning at optimal levels. However, for most of us, "life" happens and we can get out of balance. When this occurs sometimes pathogenic (nonbeneficial or even infectious) microorganisms can take over and wreak havoc in all areas of our health - which can translate to less than optimal functioning in our life.

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gray stones

Gut Health

It always needs to start with

Quality food (and drink)

What we bring into our body can be helpful, or it can be harmful. It can give our body good information, OR it can give our body bad information. What we take in can strengthen the whole body (and microbiome) or it can weaken it.

Sometimes our body needs additional support.

Sometimes the imbalance is more than the body can conquer without a little help.

Gut testing...why?

It's not always necessary, but knowledge is power. If there is something "off" in your body, knowing what to treat is important. Because the gut is so connected to the rest of our health if you are battling thyroid issues or hormone issues or sleep issues or energy issues or you-name-the-issue then treating the gut while treating the specific issue is the only way to truly heal the problem. Some tests can be outrageously expensive or difficult to complete. I like the BIOHM, at-home test that is shipped to you and you ship back. No lab visits, no doctor visits (see more below). The link provided will allow you to get 20% off the test. Make sure to use discount code: naturalhealthnp


They are not always necessary, but it can be difficult to get the complete, whole-food nutrients we need just in our food alone. For some people a wide variety of healthy food is just not available, or some people just could never eat the amount necessary to overcome a deficiency. Supplementation is a good way to cover gaps that we can't always fill in our diet. BUT....QUALITY matters and so many supplements have fillers or chemicals. Some have even been found to be completely fraudulent, without any of the actual ingredient they claim to have. The link below will take you to a reliable source, with an automatic 30% discount on all purchases when you use my link.


Our immune system is a wonderful thing! If you knew how many potential infections are fought off without you even knowing you came into contact with something, you would be amazed! Our body is always working to protect us. Unfortunately sometimes it needs help. While antibiotics used to be the first thing people would run to, we now know that antibiotic over use, and abuse, is creating an environment of resistant organisms! Plus they kill off bad and good organisms, further reducing our ability to respond when we do encounter something.

When appropriate, antibiotics can be life-saving, but when mis-used they can create real, life-long complications. Enter herbs and supplements (and diet).

There are MANY herbs that have been studied and compared to antibiotics and in many situations they are equal, or even superior. Plus giving your body the right combination of herbs and supplements, to encourage proper functioning in the body, quite often allows us to AVOID other medications.

This is especially true for stealth, low-level infections in the gut that are just wreaking enough havoc that we aren't acutely "sick", but enough that we feel tired, or imbalanced, or start having mood issues or food intolerances, or a myriad of other symptoms.

The next section gives options to consider.

Chronic, low-level infections and an imbalanced gut microbiome are known to contribute to:

  • Leaky gut (intestinal hyperpermeability)

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Chronic inflammation in the body and brain

  • Decreased immune response

  • Hormone imbalance

  • and more!

Most pharmaceuticals are actually isolated components of herbs; primarily because as a natural substance herbs can't be patented (so no high profits). Typically, some of the herbs beneficial components are removed, isolated, synthesized, and then patented and sold as medicine (for very high prices). However, the whole plant has many properties that are beneficial, but get left behind in this isolation process. What we know is that using the whole herb is often just as beneficial, plus more gentle on the body, and with few exceptions in specific situations - safer.

While herbs are beneficial and helpful and wonderful, they can't work optimally without proper nutrition!

The Basic Gut Healing Protocol was created to offer both herbal recommendations, along with diet/nutritional plans, for a healthier gut in 12 weeks! For a short period of time the cost of the protocol is only $1.00 ($99 savings)

The herbs and supplements can be purchased with a significant 30% off, if you use the link provided in the program.